Purdue University Sheep Extension

Research and Education Center

Welcome to the Purdue University Animal Science Sheep Research and Education Center.  The center is located approximately twenty minutes from the main campus in West Lafayette, IN.  Here, a great deal of research is conducted, 4-H programs and an annual lambing school take place, and various Animal Science courses are taught.

Main Building

The main building is 49' x 244' and contains two main parts.  The first is the expanded metal floor over an open pit, and the second is an open front area.  Additionally, there is a lambing room, a conference room, a laboratory, and a service room.

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Sheep Unit Main Facility

Mr. Gerald Kelly, Manager

Gerald has been manager of the sheep unit for more than  15 years.  He received his B.S. in Animal Science in 1984.  Gerald is an Indiana native with a general livestock and crops background.  He is pictured in one of the sheep unit's pastures.  In the pastures, he utilizes alfalfa, orchard grass, birdsfoot treefoil, red clover, and blue grass in a variety of combinations.

Sheep Unit Manager, Gerald Kelly

Lambing Room

The lambing room is a temperature controlled room that is tempered by a geothermal system.  After each ewe lambs in the "open front", they are brought into the lambing room for a few days, after which they are sent back out into the "open front".  Additionally, this room is used for lambing school, 4-H events, and for certain laboratory classes here at Purdue.  This room, along with the laboratory, is used for intensive experimental projects.

Lambing Room


The laboratory is used for some classroom instruction.  Also, it is utilized for laproscopic artificial insemination and for semen cryopreservation.

Sheep Unit Laboratory

Feed Center

The feed center is where our grain and haylage is stored.  We currently have four grain bins and two 14' x 55' silos.

Sheep Feed Area

Growth Pens

The growth pen area is 49' x 107' of expanded metal floor over an open pit.  The pens can be adjusted from 6' x 6' to the full length of the floor.  In addition, this area has adjustable curtains on both the north and south sides.

Growth Pens

Open Front

The "open front" contains eight 12' x 12' enclosures under its roof.  This area is used to house pregnant ewes, and generally is where the actual lambing takes place.  Additionally, the "open front" has a 12' x 36' outdoor lot.  This area is used along with a corral to sort and work the sheep.

Lamb and Ewe in 'Open Front'