ANSC 442 Sheep Management

Course Syllabus

  The objective of this course is to apply the principles learned from the core courses in the Animal Sciences curriculum to successful management of sheep. This includes topics such as breeding, performance testing, health, nutrition, feeding and grazing systems, reproduction and management topics. Current issues important to the sheep industry are also an important part of this course. There is also a two-hour weekly lab for this course. Extensive sheep production experience is not required to enroll in this course. There are typically 25-30 students enrolled in this course ranging from no sheep industry experience to extensive experience.

  It is the philosophy of the instructor that management courses should be educational, relate the principles of animal science into a useable form, be interesting and fun, and have ample opportunities for hands-on interactive learning.

Topic Number of Lectures
Introduction and Historical Perspective 1
Overview of U.S. and World Sheep Production 1
Breeding and Principles 4-5
     Basic Principles
     Performance Testing Programs
     Breeding Systems
     Crossbreeding Systems
     Genetic Defects
Sheep Nutrition 4-5
     Basic Principles
     Nutrients and Feedstuffs
     Nutrient Requirements of Ewes
     Nutrient Requirements of Lambs
     Pricing Feeds
     Pastures and Forages
Sheep Health 4
     General Disorders
     Lamb Diseases
     Ewe Diseases
     Ram Diseases
     Health Programs
Sheep Reproduction 2-3
     Basic Principles
     Reproductive Management
     Pregnancy Testing
     Artificial Insemination
Wool 2
     Growth and Development
Economics 1
Facilities & Equipment 1
Lamb Feeding 1
Marketing 1
Management and Production Systems 4

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