Washing and Processing of Wool Fibers


Instructions for Washing Wool Fibers at Home

1.  Remove and dispose of any fibers that are extremely soiled with manure or mud. 

2.  Fill the washing machine with HOT water (top loaders only), or use a wash tub.

3.  DO NOT allow the machine to go into agitate cycle!

4.  Allow the wool to soak for 10 minutes

5.  You may use the spin cycle to remove the dirty water

6.  Repeat steps 2-5.

7.  Rinse the wool by repeating steps 2-5, without the laundry detergent.

8.  Allow the wool to air dry.

Steps to Commercial Fiber Processing

1.  Scouring

2.  Carbonizing

3.  Drying

4.  Carding

5.  Gilling (pin-drafting, drawing, blending)

6.  Rectilinear Combing

7.  Top Finishing

8.  Spinning, Roving, Winding, and Twisting

9.  Weaving

10.  Knitting

11.  Finishing

Pictures taken from SID: Sheep Production Handbook