Wool Facts








Basic Tips on How to Care for Wool

1.      Wool should be hung on padded hangers.

2.      You should always give wool 24 hours between each wearings.

3.      Spots and stains should always be removed promptly.

4.      You should always clean your wool products before packing them away for storage.

Wool clothing should always be brushed before and after each wearing.


How To Remove Common Stains

Ink...                          To remove ink you should submerge the garment in cold                                     water.

Red Wine...                 To remove red wine, you should submerge the garment in                                       cold water.

Butter or Grease...      To remove butter or grease, you should sponge the spot                                        with a dry cleaning solvent.

Blood...                      To remove blood the garment should be blotted with starch                                     paste, and then rinsed with soapy water.

Lipstick...                   To remove lipstick a piece of white bread should be rubbed                                      firmly over the spot.


Other Fun Wool Facts

Did You Know...???

  • Wool is comparatively stronger than steel.

  • Wool is fire resistant

  • Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture