Replacement Ewe Considerations

Post weaning nutrition depends on when you plan on breeding the ewe. There are two periods that you can chose from to breed, either twevle to fourteen years of age or eighteen to nineteen years of age. It has been proven that breeding ewe's at twevle to fourteen years of age increases their lifetime productivity by fifteen to twenty percent. But to get this increase you need to have a very good nutritional program in place starting from weaning up to two to three years of age. A ewe lamb should weigh anywhere between sixty-five to seventy percent of their mature body weight depending on the breed.

You need a high plane of nutrition for ewe lambs to reach the size and sexual development for breeding. They should at least be gaining between 0.4 to 0.5 pounds per day after weaning to be able to breed. Grain and supplements will be required to achieve this goal.

Ewe lambs are to be managed in a separate area so that they can receive their required nutritional supplements. Because of this requirement, producers that utilize ranges do not breed their ewe lambs until eighteen to nineteen years of age, giving them to go through a forage grazing season first.