This fact sheet was developed by students enrolled in Purdue's ANSC 442 Sheep Management course in Spring 2007, as a semester project. These fact sheets provide useful information on various topics related to sheep. View the list of fact sheets.

User's Guide To Lamb Meat:
Selection, Preparation, and Safe Handling

By Mark Rivir, Lindsay Eckert, and Ashley Moore

Selecting retail lamb meat

Common Lamb Retail Cuts and Cook Methods


"Lamb Shank"


Lamb Shank

Cook Method Duration
Roast at 325°F 40 to 45 min./lb


Lamb Loin Chop


Lamb Loin Chop

Cook Method Duration
Broil/ Grill 15 to 19 min


Lamb Leg Roast


Lamb Leg Roast

Cook Method Duration
Roast at 325°F 20 to 30 min./lb


Lamb Rib Chop (Frenched)


Lamb Rib Chop (Frenched)

Cook Method Duration
Broil/Grill 15-19 min.


*All cooking times indicate an internal temperature of 160°F or medium degree of doneness.

Helpful hints in preparing your lamb meat safely

To ensure safe meat and proper storage of lamb meat

Most common food borne illness in lamb meat is E. coli

Basic Nutritional Facts

* Based on a 4 ounce roasted serving of lamb meat

Cultural/ Ethnicity Preparations

Wine accompaniment


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