Getting Started in the 4-H Meat Goat Project


Before you decide to purchase a goat, these things mentioned above are essential to keep in mind. All of these areas can be researched to find the goat and breeder that is right for you and your home. These areas are also questioned when showing in showmanship.

Breed Information

Breed: Boer

Breed: Spanish

Breed: Tennessee Meat Goat

Breed: Kiko

For more pictures and information on breeds of meat goats go to:

Oklahoma State University

Breeder Information

It's important to receive a goat from a clean healthy breeder's stock. It is vital for the purchaser to know the breeder's vaccination program, feeding program, and procedures on how he manages his herd.   This will be important in keeping your animal healthy and productive throughout your project. One also needs to keep in mind on a breeder that is willing to help you throughout your project. Breeders can be a useful tool to making your project a success.







Knowing all the parts of your goat allows you to understand the comments made by the judge when showing. It also helps when talking to your veterinarian about your goat's health and progress. Judges will also ask where parts are located when exhibiting in showmanship.  


When showing breeding stock, is it important to understand the genetic background of your goat, so you can select a sire that works well with your particular blood line.

Market Values

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