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Numbering System
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Sample Numbering System

Some basic methods of numbering systems are included in figure one.

Fig. 1


In this system the first two digits indicate the year of birth and the following digits show the lambs birth order within the flock of the given year.


The system above can be reduced to a four digit system by only indicating the last digit of the year and repeating the numbering every ten years. To eliminate duplicate problems after ten years a new tag color may be beneficial.  To see a picture example  refer to picture 1.


Years can also be indicated by a letter system. To see a further example of this system see figure 2.

9001R or D9001R

Sires and dams can also be indicated on the tag. In this example, the R would be replaced with a letter that is specific to one sire and the D would be representative of the dam.

Picture 1


This ewe has an example of a four digit numbering system. She was born in 2003, shown by the 3. During her year of birth she was the 25th lamb to be born. Her birth order is shown by 025. In this particular flock health complications are indicated by holes or notches on the tag.


Fig. 2


Year being represented







NOTE: This can continue through 23 letters with the elimination of O, Q, & I. This is do to the similarity to numbers.


Some additional notes about numbering systems.

One of the simple numbering systems can be used in addition to using a different color tag for each sire.

Some breeders may choose to use the numbering system that coincides with the numbers indicated on the lambs scrapie tag.