This fact sheet was developed by students enrolled in Purdue's ANSC 442 Sheep Management course in Spring 2004, as a semester project. These fact sheets provide useful information on various topics related to sheep. View the list of fact sheets.

The Many Uses of Sheep

As students of Purdue’s Animal Science 442 class, Sheep Management, our purpose in creating this website is to share with you our knowledge of sheep and their many uses.  Our site contains links to the following key points concerning this subject. We hope that the information we have provided will be beneficial to you.  Thank you for visiting our website.

 ~Heather Irwin, Nicole Myers and Melissa Spaid~




~Meat Quality

~By-Products From Slaughtering


~Characteristics of Wool

~Wool Quality and Grades

~Wool Processing

~Global and U.S. Production of Wool

~Wool Merchandising and Promotion



~Weed Management