Hoof Trimming

Step 1 The First step in proper hoof care for sheep and goats is good management. You need to check your flock on a regular basis for hoof growth. Other signs that might indicate that you need to trim hooves are abnormalities in locomotion or even signs of individuals experiencing pain when set into motion.
Step 2 After determining that hoof trimming is needed you have to acquire the proper tools. A hoof knife and a pair of snub nosed wire cutters are shown here but you may also use foot shears. The type of tools you use can be of your own preference as long as they get the job done.
Step 3 After acquiring the correct tools dive in. Securely get a hold of the leg of the animal. With the hoof raised in the air, your first job is to carefully inspect the hoof as in, and clean any mud, manure, rot, small stones from between the walls of the hoof. At this point, also make note of how the hoof looks for color and the smell of the hoof. A rotten smell is usually indicative of foot rot and should be treated accordingly.
Step 4 Take the hoof knife and clean all the junk and crud out of the hoof. Make sure not to dig too deep (just enough to clean the hoof thoroughly).
Step 5 After cleaning the hoof, start trimming around the perimeter and try not to trim off large chunks. Take off small parts and make sure to take your time and not get carried away.
Step 6 When finished with the hoof you can check the dewclaw and trim of any extra growth.

All pictures came from http://www.goatworld.com/articles/feet/

Foot Care (with pictures) by Gary Pfalzbot


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