This fact sheet was developed by students enrolled in Purdue's ANSC 442 Sheep Management course in Spring 2004, as a semester project. These fact sheets provide useful information on various topics related to sheep. View the list of fact sheets.

Sheep and Goat Hoof Care

There are many things to take into consideration managerially when raising a flock of sheep or goats. Depending on the region that you are raising sheep, you have to control predator losses. Depending on the type of production unit you operate, you may have to take into consideration how to get maximum gain, or fleece growth, ect.

One thing universal to all breeds of sheep and goats is that taking care of their hooves is important. It should be common practice on any farm to regularly check your animalsí hooves for disease and excess growth. This site is here to provide information about keeping hooves clean and healthy. There is also some information about Foot Rot, a common disease that can do immense damage to a flock if not controlled and prevented, as well as information about Foot and Mouth Disease, a very contagious disease that plagued Britain and could be devastating if it were to catch hold in the United States.

Hoof Trimming

Foot Rot

Foot and Mouth Disease

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