Forage Species

The type of species or mix of species can be very important in the success of your pasture. There are many different types of species that have different attributes that can contribute to your pasture. Many of the legumes are high in protein but may offer fear of bloat and are also higher to maintain. While grasses may not offer the same level of protein and nutrients it is easy to maintain and offers high tonnage per acre. So you see you must decide what the abilities and equipment that you have will allow you to have. Would you rather have orchard grass and just have to fertilize once a year or have alfalfa where you may be required to reseed or possibly even have to spray for Boll Weevil. Generally most producers go for a mixture to increase the nutrient levels and also decrease some of the maintenance. This tends to be the most cost effective and a good mixture can offer a lot to your sheep flock. Below I am going to list some of the most common species, some of their attributes that they have, and kinds of conditions that they favor.

Cold Season Grasses


Rye Grass

Orchard Grass

Blue Grass




Warm Season Grasses

Temporary Forages

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