This fact sheet was developed by students enrolled in Purdue's ANSC 442 Sheep Management course in Spring 2003, as a semester project. These fact sheets provide useful information on various topics related to sheep. View the list of fact sheets.

Lambing from A to Z

So your Ewe is pregnant ... Now what?

The Normal Birth Process

When does the ewe need assistance?

What steps do I need to take?

Causes of Dystocia (a difficult birth)

For more information visit these websites:

Diagrams provided by Utah State University:

Lambing: What to do afterwards

Clean up    

Navel Disinfecting

Tail Docking


Record Keeping     

Project done by: Amy Bergstedt, Lindsey Crosby, Sarah Shaffer Spring 2003


"Goat Wisdom"

"Care of the Newborn lamb"

"Newborn lambing management" Virginia Cooperative Extension

Management Guidelines for the efficient sheep production.
P. 48