Simple Steps to Shearing your Show Sheep


1.  Place the sheep on the trimming table and brush the fleece to remove the dirt.

2.  Dampen the fleece with water.  A mild solution of an acceptable sheep dip will help to clean and straighten the fibers.

(*Dampening the fleece depends on the type of clippers being used)

3.  Comb the entire fleece with the circular comb to remove the dirt on the outer ends of the fibers.

4.  Card the fleece with the wool card to straighten out the fibers and break up the fleece.

5.  Trim off the rough carded wool until a smooth surface is obtained.  The fleece will trim more easily if it is damp.

6.  Now do the major trimming.

a. Trim the top of the width of the sheep's back making sure the top is level.

b.  Trim the sides until the proper shape is obtained.

c.  Square the dock and trim the twist closely as well as the rear legs.

d. Trim the brisket and shoulders.

e.  Trim the head and neck according to breed type.

7.  Pack the fleece with the back of a dampened wool card after trimming is completed.


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