Market Lambs
Placing: 4-1-3-2
Cuts: 3-5-2

I place the crossbred market lambs 4-1-3-2. In the top pair of more powerfully muscled wethers

as well as being more compositionally correct. It is the blue sheep at the top of the class.  He is

the heaviest muscled. Handling with the most natural shape out of his shoulder, back into rack

and over his loin. He adds to his advantage in cutability, as he is trimmer to the touch.  He to

catches your eye in the stand being the nicest profiling, tallest fronted, cleanest breasted and

longest bodied. I can see that 1 has the apparent weight advantage and wraps with a bigger leg.

However, he is a deeper chested, heavier middled lamb that is not as attractive to the eye. Even

so, in the middle pair of lambs that are contrasting in type it is still the muscularity and growth

that keeps 1 in second and places him over 3.  As 1 is a more powerfully muscled lamb that is

bigger in his kind. He is more skeletally extended and firmer to the touch thus, should go to the

cooler and hang a heavier muscled carcass and open with a bigger eye.  I realize that 3 is more

uniform in his depth from flank to flank and a trimmer handling lamb that would certainly have

the advantage in yield grade.  But at the same time is a lighter muscled lamb that is in a smaller

package and has simply been held for to long. In the final pair we certainly have two different

kinds of sheep. It is simply personal preference upon selecting a trimmer handling lamb that

will hang with a lower more desirable yield grade, found in 3. Yes, 2 the peltier hided lamb is

more muscular throughout and an easier feeding lamb and is fresher handling, but simply comes

across the most conventional in his kind he is the early maturing lamb, being small framed,

short loined lamb that is the softest to the touch.

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