ANSC 442 Sheep Management


The lab for ANSC 442 is primarily hands on and interactive.  The lab is utilized as an opportunity to further explore the topics covered in lecture.  Many of the labs are held at the ASREC Sheep Unit or at private producers' farms.  The instructor does not believe in holding lectures during time reserved for labs!

Laboratory Topics Include:

  • Basic Sheep Handling and Sheep Soundness
  • Body Condition Scoring
  • Selection - including use of performance data
  • Predator Control
  • Use of Working Dogs in a Sheep Operation
  • Live Market Lamb Evaluation / Carcass Evaluation
  • Health Management
  • Ram Breeding Soundness
  • Pregnancy Detection
  • Wool Grading and Evaluation
  • Pasture and Forage Systems
  • Field Trips to Producers and Industry
  • Lamb Marketing
  • Lamb Cooking
  • Management Techniques

Each year we try out some new labs -- this is your chance to experience new exercises and to be involved in selecting new labs for the following semester.

Lab Clothing:

Be sure to dress appropriately for lab.  Many times we will be working with sheep at the Sheep Unit, other times we will be outside. It is important that you have closed toed shoes, jackets etc.   No whining allowed!!!


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