Internet Explorer gif This course was created with many elements of HTML and JavaScript.  In order to utilize the full capabilities, Internet Explorer 5.0 must be used as the browser.  This class cannot be used with Netscape Navigator.
Many Web sites take advantage of the Portable Document Format (.pdf) by Adobe.  In some instances the only version of the document is a hard copy which was scanned into pdf format.   In other instances, the format of the document is important and pdf files do a great job of maintaining the native look of  the document.  You will need to install the Adobe Acrobat Reader before you can view pdf documents. 
Real Player G2 gif The use of movie clips with narration require the use of plug-in designed to play video and audio.   We suggest using the RealPlayer G2.
PowerPoint presentations are a major tool in this class.  For those students that have Microsoft Office on their computers, you are ready.  For those who do not have PowerPoint, you will need to install one of these PowerPoint viewers.

PC users
Mac users