I. Introduction and overview of course
    A. Course Requirements
    B. Overview (Powerpoint presentation)
C. Day at the Farm
    D. FAQ's
II. Water Resources
    A. Introduction
    B. Water Sources
    C. Water Quality
D. Water Quantity
III. Species
    A. Introduction
    B. Food Fish
    C. Bait Fish
    D. Sport Fish
    E. Ornamental Fish
IV. Production Methods
    A. Cages
    B. Levee ponds
    C. Raceways
    D. Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS)
    E  Design and construction of Small Scale RAS
V. Marketing
    A. The Four P's of Marketing and Niche Marketing
    B. HACCP Inspection programs
    C. Development of a HACCP Plan for Trout Fillets
    D. Seafood Processing
    E. Technical Feasibility
VI. Business Planning
    A. Herd management, disease prevention and control
    B. Planning Software
    C. Future Direction in aquaculture
    D. Self Evaluation
    E. Checklist
    F. Resume
    G. Skills
    H. Economic Evaluation
VII. Diseases
A. Sick Fish
B. Bacterial Pathogens
    C. Parasitic Diseases
    D. Fungal Infection
E. Submission of Fish Samples
F. Diagnostic Procedures
     1. Taking a History
        2. Physical Examination
        3. Biopsy vs. Necropsy
        4. Necropsy
G. Selected References
VIII. Reproduction
IX. Nutrition
X. Transportation
XI. Assessment
XI. Glossary of Terms