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Re: aquaponic tomato production

From: Fred
Date: 21 Dec 2001
Time: 21:47:56
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First time aquaponic grower, have small sytem, 100 gallon tank, 50 6" coy and 6" pvc grow tubes.

My tomatoes are showing iron/zinc/magnesium deficiencies, also the system seems to run very low on pottasium. I tested the water with a NPK test kit, Nitrogen and Phosphorus are off the scale and Pottasium is non-existant.

Symtoms of plants are yellowing of the NEW growth, old growth still green, stunting, and necrotic lesions between the viens on the leaves,(consistant with MG deficiency)of old growth.

I foliar fed with a combo of iron/zinc/magnesium with a little potash, this greened them up considerably.

Is this normal? Will a properly stocked system produce all trace elements needed? And Pottasium?

Can I supplement with kelp meal? this stuff is high in trace elements and pottasium, I would put some in a nylon stocking and hang it in one of the tubes to slowly release in the water?

Thanks for any help!

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