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Re: Ancient chinese methods

Date: 21 Sep 1999
Time: 13:33:09
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Gary, If you could be a bit more specific about what it is you are contemplating doing and the conditions in which you want to do it, I think you will find that there is a lot of information that will lead you in an appropriate direction. What are you thinking in terms of production goals? Are you interested in food production or production for some other reason (hobby, recreation, improving the environment, etc.)? Are you thinking of fish or some other type of aquatic plants or animals? How much are you thinking of producing, how often? Are you considering marketing any surplus? Are there resources (ex. water, feed, technical advice, etc.) available locally that you can depend on? If you're inquiring about food fish production, where are you thinking of doing this, indoors or outdoors? If outdoors, what is your climate,how much land do you have access to, is there water all year around, what are the soil and water conditions? When you refer to the Chinese, you are most likely thinking of pond culture. If that's what you have in mind there's a lot of excellent information and expertise available on pond aquaculture methods, even "low tech." As an example, much information has been developed to assist poor, subsistance farmers in Asia, Africa and Central and South America, in particular. Here in North America, small scale food fish production techniques are also practiced and there are some very good books and publications that can introduce you to this. Of course, with the internet you can have access directly to researchers, extension personnel and the farmers themselves. So, if you can give us some more specifics, we'll try to get you pointed in the direction you're looking for.

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